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Eddie Oddjob

Build Day 19th March, Dark Durnfords.

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Durnford Adult learning Centre,

Dunford St,


M24 5TS


TIMES: 11am- about 6pm


What is in it for you?

Days work for a days Airsoft.

Half days work for half a days Airsoft.


Whom can come?

Any one, friends, family but no children as it this will be treated as a construction site.


What to bring?

Saftey goggles,Clothes you do not mind ruining, Heavy duty gloves as glass may be handled.Tools, what you can spare, i.e. screw drivers, hammer, ladder, and strudy shoes.


Bring food and drink with you to keep you by, might provide food if Tracy lets me ^_^.


Need lift?

Van leaves from Invar House, M27 9HF at 10.30am.


Please tell me if you are coming and if you are coming for the lift. Thank you.

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