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Open Day - Asylum - Sunday 20th October 2013

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Site Location

Lea Castle NHS Site

Park Gate Road


DY10 3PT



BBs, Gas & Pyros will be available all day on site for purchase, along with refreshments.


Green Fees


Members From £25.00 (inc lunch)

Non-Members £35.00 (inc lunch)


Hire Package £15.00 (G36c, Mag and Face Protection) - ALL HIRES MUST BE PREBOOKED ON THE LINK BELOW


Please bring a completed Insurance waiver with you if you haven`t signed one with First & Only in the last 12 months





Link to Waiver http://www.mediafire.com/?jjdm4lnjwin


1. Ruari Douglas

2. Ian Maxted

3. Richard Chessell

4. Sam Bell

5. D Lewis

6. M Lewis

7. James Foggensteiner

8. Damani Lewis

9. James Rowberry HIRE

10. D Borowik

11. Andrew Fergyson

12, Rich Norman

13, Phil Green

14, Mark Evans

15, George Evans

16. Steve Bond

17, Steve Taylor

18. Ant McPartland

19. Phillip Hurlston

20. Adam Fry

21. Sam Moore

22. Jake Sykes

23. Simon Harrington

24. Ricki Jones

25. Daniel Weighill HIRE

26. ricki jones

27. simon harrington HIRE

28. dan weighill HIRE

29. Rich Davis

30. Dan Chivers

31. Mike Essery

32. Josh Frost

33. Charlie Greaves

34. Molly Paige

35. Toby.S

36. Emma.B

37. Felix.C

38. Kieran Sifford

39. Nick Foxwell

40. Basil Henriques

41. Hamish Perks

42. Dan Brooks

43. Eliot Martin

44. Graham Skelton

45. Ben Harris

46. Andrew Hall

47. Mark Johnson

48. Darren Lunn

49. Nathan Lunn

50. Adrian Jones

51. +1

52. +1

53. +1 HIRE

54. Matt Adams

55. Simon Collingwood

56. Craig Mullen

57. Steve Cheese

58. Mike Rose

59. Neil Hewitt

60. John Andrews,

61. Ollie TY,

62. Hanis Berk,

63. Alex Bear

64. James Ellis

65. Noah Russell

66. Luke Winwood

67. George Murphy

68. James Allen

69. Josh Waldren

70. Josh Mulka

71. Tom Leach

72. Robert Ornelas

73. Ben Ornelas HIRE

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D Lewis

M Lewis

D Borowik


All own kit and meat please. There's more than the other 4 people going I hope :P

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Please add

Matt Andrews - Own kit meat eater

Adam Hall - Own kit meat eater


Is it possible for me to either set up Gold member ship before game start or if pushed for time set up at lunch time (with a £10 reduction to factor in the reduced green fee's for the day)



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Last minute plans :-)


John Andrews,

Ollie TY,

Hanis Berk,

Alex Bear


All own kit



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Can we book in for tomoz:


George Murphy

James Allen

Josh Waldren

Josh Mulka


All own kit and meat eaters.


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