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Open Day - Asylum - Sunday 17th November 2013

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Site Location

Lea Castle NHS Site

Park Gate Road


DY10 3PT



BBs, Gas & Pyros will be available all day on site for purchase, along with refreshments.


Green Fees


Members From £25.00 (inc lunch)

Non-Members £35.00 (inc lunch)


Hire Package £15.00 (G36c, Mag and Face Protection) - ALL HIRES MUST BE PREBOOKED ON THE LINK BELOW


Please bring a completed Insurance waiver with you if you haven`t signed one with First & Only in the last 12 months





Link to Waiver http://www.mediafire.com/?jjdm4lnjwin



1. Jake Sykes

2. Adam Fry

3. Tom May HIRE 1

4. Chris Girdler HIRE 2

5. Tom Boulton HIRE 3

6. Nick Blatchford HIRE 4

7. Lee Davis HIRE 5

8. Andrew Collins HIRE 6

9. John Andrews,

10. Ollie TY,

11. Hamish Perks,

12. Matt Terry,

13. Alex Bea

14. John Adkins

15. Simon Collingwood

16. Thomas Wheeler

17. Dan Barlow

18. Ange Angevin

19. Andrew Smith

20. Sam Richards HIRE 7

21. Malcolm Baldwin HIRE 8

22. Liam Yates HIRE 9

23. Tom Caldwell HIRE 10

24. Adam Kitely HIRE 11

25. Ryan Kind


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Tom May - Meat - Hire (All paid)

Chris Girdler - Meat - Hire (All paid)

Tom Boulton - Meat - Hire (All paid)

Nick Blatchford - Meat - Hire (All paid)

Lee Davis - Meat - Hire (All paid)

Andrew Collins - Meat - Hire (All paid)

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John Adkins - Meat - Paid


God damn its been like 4 months since i last went! Canny wait

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