19th Jan 2014 - Openday Booking Thread

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Site Location

Lea Castle NHS Site

Park Gate Road


DY10 3PT





BBs, Gas & Pyros will be available all day on site for purchase, along with refreshments.


Green Fees


Members From £25.00 (inc lunch)

Non-Members £35.00 (inc lunch)


Hire Package £15.00 (G36c, Mag and Face Protection) - ALL HIRES MUST BE PREBOOKED ON THE LINK BELOW


Please bring a completed Insurance waiver with you if you haven`t signed one with First & Only in the last 12 months


HIRE BOOKING LINK - http://events.consta...8ld7ckx224a2a61


Link to Waiver





1. Andy Emms

2. Tom Butler

3. Liam Coleman HIRE 1

4. James Foggensteiner

5. Damani Lewis

6. Toby King

7. James Rowberry

8. Kris Giles

9. Phil Weir

10. Ant McPartland

11. Phillip Hurlston

12. Samuel Battrum

13. Samuel James

14. Matt Seeley

15. Andrew Wooldridge Premium HIRE 1

16. Steve Butler

17. Ian Anderson

18. Stephen Mitchell

19. Tom Buckley

20. Dan Brooks

21. Kieran Sifford

22. Peter Maughan

23. Antony Pearson

24. Rhian Allen

25. Matt Mayho

26. Sam Moore

27. Matt O`loughlin

28. Baby O`Loughlin

29. Zac Michael

30. Mike Smith

31. Ross McDonald

32. Matt Andrews

33. +1

34. +1

35. +1

36. Marc Stapleton

37. Jason Hoskins

38. Richard Sherwood

39. Zac Clayton

40. Andrew Smith

41. Daniel Lyakhov

42. Matthew Clark

43. Jake sykes

44. Adam fry

45. Andy Betteridge

46. Aaron Rogers

47. Marc Wheeler

48. Jordan Bond

49. Matthew Graham HIRE 1

50. Mick Hughes HIRE 2

51. Liam Yates

52. Thomas Caldwell

53. Jacob Jansco

54. Simon king

55. Robert griffin

56. Phil maplesden

57. +1 by phone

58. +1 by phone

59. Aaron Rogers

60. Marc Wheeler

61. Jordan Bond

62. Matthew Graham HIRE

63. Mick Hughes HIRE

64. Tom Barlow

65. Marcus Piercy

66. +1

67. Paddy Flynn

68. Daniel Webb

Mark Hayward

Steve Hand

Sam Lolley

Adam Stokes

Edwy Harrison



BLUE Dictates deposit paid

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Hi, i was planning to come to this game on the 19th, I'm 24 my brother would also like to come he's 16 and his 2 friends both 16 are they old enough to come and take part if there parents sign the insurance waiver?

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My name is Patrick Flynn, silver membership. I have booked on the Asylum Kidderminster and have viewed the listings, my name is on but no as paid. I paid by PayPal today and have received conformation for this by email.

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