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Hi guy's

Thought i'd start a thread for anyone who wants to post feedback, pics or videos of said game.

I myself (apart from being incredibly hot) had a great day & any small issues were delt with by staff promptly. For me the day improved with the intel gathering objectives, actively searching every corner to find laptops and such while avoiding contact or fighting through to gain objectives turned it up from just red v yellow and i found it encouraged teamwork a lot more & despite the temperature everyone seemed to have good time with smiles on faces.

Great work from all involved, thanks again to F&O and the players on both teams.

Anyone with thoughts, pics or vids get posting, otherwise i'll see you on thr field.

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It was a really good day all said. having multiple objectives for each team to complete was interesting and definitely helped to spread the fighting across the whole site rather than concentrate it over two or three buildings. only criticism of this style is that occasionally people lost track of what they were doing and it got harder later on to know how many objectives/ buildings we actually had.


the mortar round was a lot of fun, trying to pin down the mortar team was a good challenge (kudos to the yellow team player who actually managed to retrieve it while the rest of us were hit)


gameplay issues were almost non existent from my perspective, had one incident of full auto fire at close range which left a few nasty bruises but it was an honest mistake and the guy apologised.


weather was boiling but it beats the usual climate of mud and rain.

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