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The Drug Wars March 2016

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Drug wars

Episode 4 Fighting for dope




Location- Anzio camp


Date - 18th to the 20th March 2016 A weekend event with game play split over two days.



Fri arrive 5-10pm and book in. Sat Arrive 9-11am / briefing at 11:30 / 12:00am game on (food available 1-3 pm), 9pm game finishes. 9:30pm camp fire and BBQ (bring your own food and use our equipment)

Sunday 8am Breakfast available / 9:30 Briefing / 10am game on (food available 12-2 pm), 4:30 end of event. Go home and rest/


Background - Northern Peru heartlands. A town devastated by the Shining Path rebellion now has a new role. It has become the major hub of drug trafficking in the area. Huge quantities of drugs, money and gold are passing through it every day. Everyone wants some of the action!


Protagonists -


The Yura Cartel. A relatively new cartel in the area, their ranks are filled with ex forces personnel that have become corrupt for money,they are ruthless and over 200 disappearances and deaths can be attributed to them since they formed. They hold on to their military background by wearing tan uniforms and still adhering to a loose military structure. Some wear Hawaiian shirts in a casual US style.


The Mollans cartel. The senior cartel in the area, rumour has it that the Yura Cartel has one of the leaders family hostage. This holds an uneasy peace between the rivals in the town. The Mollans have been slowly building their ranks bringing in mercenaries and recruiting local talent. This makes officials believe there is a good chance of hostilities between the rivals shortly. Their background is not as openly violent as Yuras but most likely is just as bloodthirsty. The gang members are easily spotted by their use of black. Out of respectful mourning for the loss of their originating father Del Fergringo. They also wear suits a lot.


Local Government. About as corrupt as things get. The Mayor and police chief are paid well by the cartels to keep the Army and Police away from their operations. However, this is becoming harder to do as the US and central government are putting pressure on to wipe out the cartels. The Army wear green and the police wear hi vis kits.


US Agenda. DEA - CIA and US special forces. They have been drafted in to gain Intel on the cartels. They may have agents working in the cartels or local government. Their covert agents will be dressed as civilians and have set up an operational base in the area.


Communist Rebels. A splinter of the Shining Path these guys have decided they want to bring the communist ideal to the people of Peru. They are trading with the cartels for now, trying to build their inventory so the revolution can start. So we can all be comrades! The communists dress as civilians but recognise each other by wearing red somewhere (like a bandanna) .


Two more Cartels are available if we have high enough numbers. ............ All the teams are twenty strong except the US contingent which is ten strong.


The game is a narrative campaign that each team will need to find their own path to glory. The game play is not a full on battle but rather a multi mission event where some time your instructions will require you to work with others.

Some times you will just need to stamp on others and rip their guts out! Each team will have timed missions and event missions. The timed missions need to be completed by a deadline, the longer event missions are objectives that stand over the event.


Each team will be lead by an in scenario boss, yet they themselves can and will become targets. The missions will be posted in the command HQ, so even if there is no boss there is still stuff to be done, objectives to complete. Like killing someone or scoring a nice deal.


There will also be an ambulance (troop assault vehicle), land rovers, Mini gun and a few other big props. As well as a multitude of in game props (gold, money, Drugs, bombs etc.)


The event will cost £65 for early bird bookers (Yes I know that's a good deal for a two day event!) but it will then go up to £70 from 18th of Feb and £75 from the 10th of March. People paying on the day will pay £40 per day attended..


We will announce the team outfits of the 2 possible other factions in due course. If you have not booked your place it is vital that you have an outfit suitable for these overflow teams. We will turn people away who have not booked in advance if they can't be found a team without damaging the game experience for others.

You can do just one day but we don't advise this as it can spoil the team balance and the event is more than just a regular open days shoot. This is a much more immersive and story lead game. If you want to come and just shoot people, this might not be the best event for you. Though there will be plenty of things to do and fun. The booking will go live in November.


thanks Jamie


Refunds will not be given unless WE cancel the event. If you leave early, your dog is ill, your grandma got pregnant or you are too tired. It's raining or cold. You have a hurty foot or hangover. Or if you get kicked off site for behaving like a dick. None of these reasons will be accepted as worthy of a refund.

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For Saturday night BBQ ect can we bring our own small gas burners, and mini BBQ ? or will this pose a H&S problem with open fires?

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