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Drugs , Police , Gangs , Rebels , US forces - The drug wars and how your team can win .

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So as Far as rules its normal Airsoft rules with the following exceptions.


- Medics .. there are no medic rules

- role play ... if your coming to to just run and gun you may be asked to take a seat for a few hours while the rest of us get on with the scenario this also may happen if you stretch the being a dick rule .

- Prisoners ... If the scenario requires you might be taken prisoner , if this happens there not going to strip you or take your kit so do not be a dick and follow instruction , pulling the i ran away because they were not holding me bit is being a dick ..


winning conditions -


The Yura Cartel and The Mollans cartel - you will start with $100,000 dollars to win you need to have $1000,000 by end of game on Sunday - you buy Drugs from the Communists @ $50,000 per bag ( its good stuff you know ) you then need to get it to the lord of war ( Vic the lord of war and his bearded henchmen ) at the borders of the sight for $100,000 per bag (good profit ehh ) when he is ready . At any point you can do any one over or spoil and opponents deal ,but do not piss off the lord of war or all hell will follow the four riders he will dispatch on you ass . Yura you start with an additional prisoner , Mollans you want your hostage back ..


The Communists - Sell drugs at $50,000 cause as much trouble for the corrupt police chief and the local army ,you start with loads and loads of drugs . also you have become aware of US Agents operating in the area more info on there movements is required , to get a win you buy Ammo crates and tubes off the lord of War for $100,000 per item you need ten items then you get to assault the town full force on Sunday with a massive bonus of regen and some bangs/smokes . Capture and hold the town to get a win at end of Sunday .


Local Government - Your one of two factions ether a henchman of the police chief or the Army sent to defend the area . The police are corrupt they win by having over $1000,000 at the end of play how there going to do it it to disturbing for description here . .The Army win buy proving the police are corrupt ( successfully extracting the chief with evidence ) and defending the town from any Communist incursion and lastly you have had recent communication tell you to support the US agents .


US Agenda win by taking $2000,000 and $2000,000 worth of drugs out of the game , and that's all i am telling you for now ..


Bases - TBC


Thanks for now - Jamie

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