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Uplands Coppice





Off the B4363, between Half way house inn (from the north) go over the stone bridge, the site entrance is 1/4 mile up the road and Marlbrook Cottage (from the South.) . If you hit Bridgnorth town you have gone too north, if you hit a small town call Glazeley, you have traveled far too south.


We have a shop on site selling skirmish day essentials aswell as other pieces, and RiFs. Toilets located on site. Safe zone with cover. Tea & Coffee available free all day.




aegs/pistols/shotguns max 350 fps, chrono'd on .2 blaster bbs


DMRs (gas or aeg) upto 400fps, chrono'd on .2 blaster bbs. 20m/60ft engagement range. locked to single shot


Sniper rilfes (bolt action) max of 500fps, chrono'd on .2 balster bbs. m/60ft engagement range.




only TLFSX disposable pryo to be used on site


blank firing timed or impacts can be used, with additional guidance on usage, with .203/primers or 9mm blanks only.


other pryo at site staff discretion on the day.

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