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New site Build dates for first week .

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The Mill New site Build days . 
Sat 16th / Sun 17th / Thur 21st and Fri 22nd 
Over the next month we will be preparing the new Mill site in Wigan . and we will need help . the deal is easy if you help us build you get free games . 
The system is easy 3 hours of help gets you a 3 hour game section . and there will be an helpers open evening on the 14th just for people who have helped out 
This week were doing the below 
Clearing all the rubbish .
Sorting out the electrics .
building the safe zone .
moving some kit we left at the old mill site to the new site . 
building the Market area . 
Drinking brews and eating chocy biscuits .

I will be on site from 10 AM 
You Must message me on 077 860 75129 to say your coming before turning up guys .. 
Thanks Jamie

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I have a large number of Chipboard panels if you want them about just around 4 ton 60 pannels ish give or take panels different thicknesses, poss need a large 7.5 ton lorry to take them make great walls for rooms good condition from shelving


Think they are about 2000h x  900d mm ish


They just fit the back of a tranny van you could prob fit 10 before over weight they are thick but would need to take them all

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